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In its short existence, the Warrior Soul Podcast has had a major impact in inspiring veterans and others to live their best lives. What started as a side project for Warrior Soul to raise awareness about it's mission has become one of its main media outlets. 

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About the Hosts

Chris Albert

In 2013, Chris Albert found himself at a crossroads in his life. Over the last decade, Chris had left his military service in the Marine Corps and wasted years with alcoholism, drug use, and chasing things that were not helping him advance his life.

After sobering up, Chris decided that he was no longer going to waste time. He devoted his life to fitness and became a well known trainer and coach, eventually opening Metroflex Gym in Long Beach, California. But with little business experience and a debilitating illness lying just under the surface, Chris's battles were just beginning.

In 2012, Chris began getting severe flare ups of Ulcerative Colitis. The disease left him weak after he began losing blood through his intestinal tract and he soon got to the point that he could no longer train one on one clients. Without a way of making income, Chris soon had to sell his shares of the gym and he found himself living out of his car with just the clothes on his back, his dog, and a computer that a friend had given him.

With no other options left, Chris began making YouTube videos about fitness. His message resonated with viewers around the world and soon people from as far as Australia and Europe were contacting him to see if he could be their online trainer. Chris moved from his car and into a rented room and began growing his business. At the same time, Chris began researching everything he could to bring his ulcerative colitis into remission and successfully did this after implementing a holistic nutrition protocol based on an anti inflammatory diet. Amazed at his fortune, Chris began looking at where he wanted to dedicate his life and he began hearing about some of the battles that his brothers and sisters in arms in the veteran community were facing.

Chris used the money he amassed from his training business to bootstrap Warrior Soul Fitness, a company dedicated to inspiring veterans to live their best lives. It began with clothing that would inspire a sense of pride amongst those who served, but his focus quickly moved to creating content that could help all veterans whether they bought Warrior Soul products or not. Through the Warrior Soul Podcast, the Warrior Soul Blog, and Chris Albert Fitness, Chris has reached hundreds of thousands of people in and out of the veteran community and helped them with topics such as mental health, fitness, wellness, relationships, and entrepreneurship.  

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Andrew Marr

While Chris was going through his struggles, one of his brothers in arms was going through another battle . . . 

As a Special Forces Green Beret, Andrew Marr was used to performing at an elite level throughout his military career. 

Andrew's last deployment in 2013 was emotionally and physically taxing. He and his Special Forces team were engaged in constant combat throughout its entirety. As a breacher, Andrew suffered numerous traumatic brain injuries from explosions, which resulted in his medical retirement. 

When he returned to the states he began a 6-month spiral downward. Once an elite performer in life or death situations in combat, Andrew couldn't even remember how to drive home. He was plagued by psychological, physiological, and physical manifestations, including depression, outbursts of anger, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, inability to concentrate, learning disabilities, sleep deprivation, loss of libido, loss of lean body mass, and muscular weakness.

Like Chris and so many other veterans, Andrew turned to alcoholism, developed a massive deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) that broke off into both lungs (bi-lateral pulmonary embolism), and a number of other medically documented conditions. Compounding this situation was that Andrew was also a husband and a father of five children. The medications and treatments that the VA was providing Andrew were not working and actually seemed to be making things worse. He could not be the man he needed to be for his family in this situation, so he decided to do something about it. 

He hit the books and began reading everything he could about brain function and traumatic brain injury. His research led him to Doctor Mark Gordon, who had developed a revolutionary treatment that included replenishing hormone production that was interrupted by inflammation induced by brain trauma. Andrew became Doctor Gordon's patient and experienced nearly immediate results. After years of pain and frustration, this man who could not even walk in a straight line in his worse periods of suffering, returned to his elite performance level. 

Andrew has since started the Warrior Angels Foundation with the mission of bringing this revolutionary treatment to all veterans who suffer from TBI. Literally one of the only charity founders who is trying to work himself out of a job, Andrew is working to turn this treatment into policy by getting the VA to make it into the standard of care for veterans suffering from TBI related brain conditions. 

By joining Warrior Soul, Andrew is also working to expand this mission by delivering knowledge in addition to treatment. Healing the brain and the body only solves part of the problem. His work with Warrior Soul is centered around getting men to develop the leadership, knowledge, and habits that will help them to live their best lives through health, wellness, abundance, and happiness. 

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The Podcast 

The Warrior Soul Podcast has two main missions:

  1. To develop a community of people who are focused on taking action to live their best lives.
  2. To empower our tribe with knowledge and tools to facilitate massive action to improve their lives through health, wellness, success, and self improvement. 

Each week we seek to deliver informational gems to our audience through interviews, ideas, and books that will empower them to make better decisions and inspire them to be the people they want to be. 

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