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This was by request from a member of Alpha 1/5 Weapons Plt. The picture is of his platoon in Fallujah in 2004. 

This shirt was a long time coming, but we were waiting for the proper image to come our way. This picture says it all. Brothers fighting for the brothers next to them. 

It also evokes a feeling in me, and that is guilt. I had an uneventful deployment to Iraq in 2003, and returned to Lejeune on the same day Saddam Hussein was caught.  Many of us thought the war was over. I took my discharge and moved on to school. It was there that I began hearing news of marines I knew, my brothers, dying or coming home with horrible wounds while I was earning a degree that I would never really use. 

For this, I will feel guilty for the rest of my life and I live every day the best that I can to honor them.  

Semper Fi, 




Designed and printed by US military veterans. Printed on comfortable 100% cotton tee. Satisfaction guaranteed or we will fix it! Any questions? Just hit us up over the live chat below or at info@warriorsoulapparel.com. Questions about delivery can be directed to staff@veerout.com.

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