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If you only listened to what the media had to say, you would think that veterans are some class of broken and damaged individuals.  This is not the case and the media's portrayal of the American veteran pisses us off.  PTS can be hard for the person who has it, but having it does not mean you're crazy.  It means you've experienced things that most humans in existence in this modern bubble have not.  In fact, having it means you're more human than most humans.  

Veterans are one of the most productive classes in this country.  The most recent census shows that veterans own 2.4 million businesses, contribute 1.2 trillion to the US Economy, and create 5.8 million jobs.  

Broken my ass.  Unbroken and going strong.  



Designed and printed by US military veterans. Printed on comfortable 100% cotton tee. Satisfaction guaranteed or we will fix it! Any questions? Just hit us up over the live chat below or at info@warriorsoulapparel.com. Questions about delivery can be directed to staff@veerout.com.

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